Simply Cook Recipe Boxes Review

Ever get stuck in a food rut and can’t think what to cook for dinner or fancy trying something new but unsure where to start. Then let me tell you about Simply Cook.


Simply Cook create delicious meal kits that can be created with a blend of herbs, spices and stocks. I have been using their boxes for meal inspiration for over 2 years now unlike other meal kits where you get all the fresh ingredients I prefer this option as I’m rather picky when it comes to selecting fresh food.


If you use my referral code you can try your first box for just £1 Click here for the link. After the trial you pay £8.99 for a monthly box but feel free to order more as you need them. Another great feature, if they build up, you can also put them on hold for a month.

Inside each box you get 4 meals and recipe cards for each meal, there’s a handy tear off shopping list you can take to the supermarket.


At home we generally use Simply Cook once a week to add variety to our evening meals, each meal takes an average of 30 minutes to make so ideal after a long day at work. The recipe cards say serves 2 but I usually pad the recipe out with more meat and veg so I can get leftovers for lunch.

Some of our Favourite Simply Cook meals include Malaysian Laksa (Halfway between a spicy noodle soup and a curry) Beef Massaman (a yummy beef and potato curry) & Moroccan Spiced Fish (a delicious stew with potato & olives) . Take pot luck or head to the website to select your own meal choices.


There are a few recipes i wouldn’t order as I could easily make them myself  however I am often surprised by how many people aren’t confident in the kitchen, I love to cook (at university my cooking skills were limited to fajitas) but with these kits you can create mouth-watering dishes without the stress of following complicated recipes. My advice is make sure you have all you need ready  including ingredients plus pots and pans and have all your chopping prepared before you start.

If you do decide to try don’t forget to say I referred you! Get started here

Love Claire X

I purchased my own recipe box for the purpose of this review which represents my own views and opinions. 

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