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Crafts I’ve Tried and My Craft Wishlist

I was talking with my friend the other day about all the crafts and fads we have ever tried, turns out we are quite faddy when it comes to making. Rarely sticking with one craft for too long, I swap and change on a regular basis. Are you the same?

Knitting is my current craft of choice, but this makes we want to learn to crochet. It makes me think of the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” ha ha! I thought it would be good to have a trip down memory lane and list all the crafts I have tried and also add a few I would like to try. Let me know in the comments if you think there are any I definitely should try.

Here goes…

Painted plant stand with dark grey plant pot

Furniture Up-cycling: I love furniture up-cycling, trawling charity shops or vintage fairs for interesting but cheap shaped items to paint with chalk paint. Breathing new life into an object makes me very happy. 

Embossing Powders: This is a great craft and leaves a really lovely finish on your crafts. Fun and easy to do, use your favourite stamps or freehand with an embossing pen, then use a heat gun to melt the powders. 


Flower Drying: Use some grease proof paper and heavy books to dry your favourite flowers, preserving them forever. 


Fabric Printing: Create quote t-shirts or printed tote bags and add unique looks no one else will have. 


Heat Foiling: Anything foiled is great in my eyes, I loved making my own home decor prints with a foil machine. Now I am using the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill.


Deco Mache: There are so many great prints in the Deco Mache range. Perfect for up-cycling home decor projects, use it like paper mâché 


Jewellery Making: I have made lots of jewellery over the years like earrings, brooches and necklaces. One of my favourites was this pleather bee necklace. 


Chutney Making: I went through a period of making lots of chutney, mainly around Christmas and giving them as gifts. Anything you can make and eat is a winner in my books.  


Concrete crafts: I dabbled in concrete crafts for a while, making jewellery and home decor ornaments. I really liked it and will probably make more in the future. 

Oil Painting: I used to oil paint before I started crafting, I loved experimenting with colour and texture, I should really try to get back into this medium. 


Card making: The one craft I have really stuck with, I really like giving handmade cards on special occasions,  I wouldn’t think about buying a card now. 

Sewing: I have two sewing machines and my first project was a rather ambitious tee-pee for my god-daughter. It turned out well, but since this I have built a bit of fear about sewing, like it will be too difficult. I do have a Tilly and the buttons book though so will get back round to it. 


Embroidery: I love embroidery, it has been brought into the modern era and you can get so many cool designs now. 


Cross stitch: This was my passion for a few months, and I really enjoyed creating some modern patterns. 


Felt Flowers: Felt is such a versatile material and I loved making these felt flower wreaths so much I have them in my Etsy shop


Baking: I have baked since I was a kid and love trying new recipes, I probably don’t bake as much as I used to, mainly because it is so unhealthy, with so much sugar. I do like looking for healthy alternatives though. 


Fimo Clay: Another great medium, you can make so much with Fimo, then bake it in the oven to set it. I really like marbling colours together. 

Paper Cutting: You can make so many beautiful designs by paper-cutting and it is very relaxing, unless you cut through a line! I have now moved on to electronic paper cutting on the Cricut Maker, mainly for speed. 


Pyrography: When I started this craft I was so excited, I didn’t do it for long though as I found it quite difficult and time-consuming. I liked the items I made but not sure long-term it is for me. 


Paint Scraping: This was a short lived craft of mine but I did enjoy making a few projects with this technique. I even had my projects featured in Making Cards magazine. 

Gardening: I have been a keen gardener since I bought my first house in 2012. I love growing fruit, veg and herbs as well as pretty flowers. 

Angled shot of finished shelf with plant, pinecone and washi tape

Fluid art: This is a big trend in the US and it is starting to come to the UK more now, it is messy but so much fun. By mixing paints in one cup and tipping it on a canvas, you can create amazing pieces of artwork. 

IMG_1544 2

Macrame: My favourite craft of 2018, I made plenty of wall hangings and think this craft is great. It is so relaxing to spend the evening tying knots to make beautiful home decors

Planners: Not really a craft as such but it is a huge trend at the moment and I have a few planners to try and keep me organised. 


Knitting: I recently learnt to knit, well I know knit and purl stitch but I’m more than happy with that. I made a headband as my first project and have the beginnings of a scarf, wonder if I will finish it! 

IMG_7308 2

Lino-Cutting: I have been eyeing up this craft for a while now and have just bought a kit! I really love this craft, quite time consuming to make the cut but once it’s done you can make unlimited prints, I love using decorative papers as the backing. 

Crafts to Try 

Crochet: Learning to knit has made me want to learn to crochet, I keep seeing really cool projects on Instagram and Pinterest and seeing it is crochet not knitting. 


Flower arranging: With an up-coming wedding, I feel a bit of flower arranging is in order. I have seen so many great videos on YouTube. 


Wood work: I am hoping to do a wood working course in May, to learn some cool wood skills. I am especially interested in making some pallet crafts for the garden too! 

Resin craft: I have seen so many cool crafts with flowers and alcohol inks inside resin shapes. From what I have seen though this is quite an expensive hobby. 

Acrylic jewellery making: Again not a cheap hobby and also quite skilled too, I have seen so many cool jewellery items made in acrylic, think Tatty Devine and you get the picture. 

Weaving: I bit like Macrame, weaving looks so cool, I have a free kit from a magazine so will probably try this first to see if I like it as a hobby.

Wow, that is quite an extensive list, I told you I was faddy with craft! How many of these crafts have you tried and how many would you like to try?

Love Claire x  


2 thoughts on “Crafts I’ve Tried and My Craft Wishlist

  1. Julie says:

    You have to crochet! It’s easy and quick and relatively inexpensive – just be prepared to be addicted ! I’d love to try resin crafting too but the cost has put me off so far, I don’t think it’s one you can just dabble in, unless there are kits I’ve not come across yet.
    I’ve not lino cut since I was at school when I really enjoyed it but did slice the end off my finger which put me off a little!


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