DIY Paint Pouring Vanity Tray


paint pour vanity.JPG

If you saw my recent post on paint pouring you may be slightly addicted now. Once you try pouring your first fluid art DIY you will love all the different colour combos you can create. Following my shelf tutorial, I tried my hand at up-cycling an old ferrero rocher tray into a stylish tray for all my favourite bits and bobs.

What you will Need 

Square Ferrero Rocher box

Liquitex Pouring Medium

A mixture of acrylic paint

Plastic cups

Lolly-pop sticks

How to Make 


First eat all the chocolates (some times craft is tough!) Remove the lid and loose packaging from your tray and wash with soapy water, leave to dry.


Mix your paints, if your haven’t tried paint pouring before then you can see my previous tutorial here & I will talk you through how to create your paint pots ready for the fluid art.


I used a mixture of white, pink, yellow and orange for this pour. Once all the paint is mixed in your main container, hold the tray over the container and tip the contents into the bottom of the plastic tray. This pour is nicely container within the tray walls so not as messy as some paint pours.


Swirl the paint around the tray until the whole surface is covered, use some of your remaining paint in the solid colours pots to add a few extra splashes of colour.



Take a metallic gold paint and ripple this through the wet paint to add an extra hint of glamour & shimmer to the design. Leave the paint to dry, this may take a few days as the paint is so thick.



Once dry, you will have a lovely tray for all your favourite trinkets. If you try out this paint pouring DIY, I would love to see, so make sure you tag me  on @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.


Claire X

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