New York Trip 2017 – What I Ate

I had the luck of spending a few days in New York last month and attending the National Stationery Show ( It was my idea of heaven). We packed so much into our time there that I thought I might have to split this post into what I did and what I ate.


On arrival on the Thursday we went to Blue Smoke BBQ for dinner, we love BBQ food and this one didn’t disappoint. I had Brisket and Ribs with collared greens and mac & cheese. The Brisket was amazing and just melted in the mouth.


We started our Friday morning with a queue for a Cronut, If you have never heard of these, they are a croissant and doughnut hybrid, they were all the rage in 2013. They are sold at the Dominique Ansel bakery (one just opened in London) and they only produce one favour a month (May was Raspberry and Earl Grey) and they only make 350 a day! I really enjoyed my cronut, definitely the fanciest (and most expensive) doughnut I have ever eaten but not necessarily the best, the earl grey ganache however was a dream!


We also shared a frozen s’more, share you say! well mainly because it was pre 9am and we had already  consumed a billion calories. This was a highlight of the trip, the vanilla custard, chocolate cookie, marshmallow and honey crust all came together with the help of a blowtorch and it was really yummy!


On Friday night we had dinner at the Dutch in Soho, not sure how but I didn’t take a photo, but here is a pic of the fab sign as you walk in #foodgoals. I had the cod and it was amazing definitely the best cod I have ever eaten. Alice had the Duck and that was also very yummy.


Here was my Strawberry cheesecake from Juniors just off of Times Square, the topping was a bit too much for me but it was very tasty!


On Saturday before the theatre we had dinner at the Brickyard I wasn’t particularly hungry so went for the duck salad, this was great it had figs, asparagus and beautiful confit duck on top.


Alice also took me to Levain Bakery near Central Park for some delicious cookies, they are huge and only come in 4 favours. They cost $4 per cookie and have a queue time of around 30-40mins but my god the Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Chip ones were still gooey and warm, i’m still thinking about it a few weeks later.


Last but not least we booked to go to Keen’s Chophouse as a treat. It started as a gentleman’s smoking club in 1885, for $5 you got membership, a pipe and a lifetime supply of tobacco. It’s now a steakhouse, we ordered the 12oz Filet Mignon, this was high up on the list of my favourite steaks ever. The sides were a bit pricey at $13 for broccoli and cauliflower especially when the star attraction is the meat.


I nearly forgot to mention these bad boys, Caramel M&M’s! OMG I heard you say, I really hope these come over to the UK soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my food trip around New York, Alice did a great job of finding so many great places to eat and I certainly enjoyed eating at them, check back very soon to find out what we got up to sightseeing.

Love Claire Xx

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