Top 10 Christmas Present Ideas for Crafty People 2020

If you’re anything like me you will see cool craft products all year round and think, I’m adding that to my Christmas list or maybe it’s just time to try some new crafts out.

I like to buy my friends crafts for Christmas, it’s a great way to get off your phone (scrolling Pinterest doesn’t count) and it’s a great sense of accomplishment when they see their finished crafts.

I have compiled a list of some great presents to ask for or gift this Christmas if you are wanting to up your crafts stash. In no particular order here we go.

1. Cricut Maker


Now I have a Cricut Maker, and I love it very much, it is my go-to machine for all my papercrafts, vinyl makes, and iron-on projects. This machine has so much scope and there is a wealth of tutorials with ideas for original makes or upcycles. This machine can cut, draw, score, foil, engrave, perforate (additional tools are required for some of these) but wow there isn’t much it can’t do. I know this machine is the most expensive in the Cricut range but this machine is future-proofed and the one machine they keep bringing new tools and materials out for, so if you want long-term value for money I would 100% say get the Cricut Maker.

Cricut Maker on Craft Label 

2. Sewing Machine


I wouldn’t call myself a sewer but I like the idea of being good at sewing! I got this sewing machine from Amazon and wasn’t hoping for much but it’s actually really good! It’s easy enough for us beginners but has enough function for when you want to start getting a bit fancier. So far I have only made scrunchies and face masks and fixed a few clothes but as my confidence grows I am planning some more projects. This machine is small enough to sit on my craft desk permanently and lightweight enough for travelling around with me.

Portable sewing machine 

3. Candle Making Kit


Winter is here and the dark nights have set in, is there anything nicer than getting cosy and lighting some candles. Now just imagine how much better that would be if you had made the candles yourself. You can create your favourite scents and pour them into cute little teacups or glasses. They also make great little presents for re-gifting to impress your family & friends.

Candle Making Kits on Etsy 

4. Diamond Painting


I haven’t tried this one myself but I keep seeing these everywhere, they are the modern version of paint by numbers, only with added sparkle. I think this craft would be very relaxing to try and be a good distraction from screen time. You can get a variety of designs and could even frame them after for some unique home decor.

Diamond Painting Kits 

5. Resin Kit


Resin art is getting more and more popular and I am a huge fan of this craft for making earrings and accessories. I love that you can mix up your colours and what you embed in the resin for completely different looks every time. You can check out my video on making resin earrings for beginners here.

Resin Kits on Amazon 

6. Macrame Kit


Another one of my favourite crafts, Macrame is again very on-trend right now and it is so relaxing to spend time creating designs with only a few materials. Great projects to get you started are hanging plant holders and decorative wall art. I have a video tutorial here you can follow to get you started.

Macrame Kits on Etsy 

7. Embroidery


Embroidery has really made a come back in recent times and it’s lost its traditional, old fashioned tags. Modern embroidery has some gorgeous kits to create home decor pieces to feel proud of hanging in your home. I bought and made this bee embroidered last year and gifted it to my grandma, who has it hanging in her home. Hannah of Makebox has some brilliant craft kits. 

8. Weaving


Fibre art is really having its moment right now, and weaving is one craft I really want to try, (I have the kit, I just need to get started) there are so many cool images on Instagram and Pinterest to inspire and it’s a relatively easy craft to get started with, you will soon be making some fab pieces to display.

Weaving kits on Etsy

9 Watercolour Painting


You don’t have to be a future Picasso to create works of art, watercolour is a great way to get into painting and you can make some really effective designs with abstract patterns. If you fancy trying your hand at card making too you can create some fantastic card backgrounds.

Watercolour Kit

10. Soap Making


Finally, I am adding soap making to my list of gifts crafty people may love to try. With so many different shapes, colours and scents to try you can have hours of fun creating new soaps. The best bit is you can use them in a nice long bath with your homemade candles too!

Soap Making Kit on Etsy 

Where possible I have tried to support small businesses in my suggestions. This year it is more important than ever to support small businesses if you can, they ready do a little happy dance when orders come in. You can check out my Etsy shop here 

I hope this has given you a few ideas for some unique gifts for crafty friends or gifts to ask for this Christmas. Thanks for taking the time to read, you can follow me on @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter for more inspiration.

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