Hydro Dipping for Beginners

I have recently stumbled across the craft of hydro dipping and it is addictive! If you haven’t heard of this craft before, let me explain. Also known as immersion printing or water marbling this popular craft uses items submerged into paint layered water. The paint sticks to the object and gives it a fantastic and unique design.

What you will Need

A bucket or watertight storage box

Warm water

Oil based spray paint

An object to dip

Watch my Video Here

I recently made a video on Hydro dipping, you can watch it here but don’t forget to read on for some more hints and tips.

This was my first attempt at Hydro dipping, I had watched a few videos and it looked pretty easy. I waited till we had a nice dry day as you should really do this craft outside.

Take a container deep enough to submerge your object fully inside, then fill with warm water.

Take your spray paints, making sure they are oil based, water based won’t work for hydro dipping it will just dissolve into the water and the aim is to create a layer on top of the water. Have fun spraying the paints to create a layered design on the top of the water.

Bucket of water with gold and silver spray paint layered on top of the water

Take your object, tape off any areas you don’t want covered in paint. Like the glass bauble in my video, smooth surfaces will be harder to cover. I would recommend painting your object with chalk paint first.

Plant pot marbled with gold and silver paint.

While wearing gloves, take your object and slowly dunk it onto the water, the paint should cling to the object and create a gorgeous marbled paint effect. while your object is still in the water, move the remaining paint to the side as your object won’t get covered when it comes out.

Leave your object to dry, it won’t take too long as spray paint dries relatively quick.

I have dipped plant pots, dried eucalyptus & baubles so far but the options are pretty much endless, so are the colour options available to you. I warned you it can get addictive!

Picture of a desk with two plant pots, Christmas bauble and eucalyptus. All have been hydro dipped in gold and silver paint.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Hydro dipping for beginners blog post, as always if you give it a go please tag me on @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter, I love to see your makes.


Claire X

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