Dried Flower Bouquets – How to Dry Flowers

There is a new trend in town and I am very much on board with it! Dried flower bouquets are all the rage at the moment and companies are popping up selling both dried and baked flower bouquets. Here I will discuss the trend and show you how you can create your own bouquets for a fraction of the cost.


As a 2020 bride who doesn’t know if her wedding will go ahead, dried flowers really appeal to me for my centrepieces, not only will they take the stress out of arranging & keeping fresh flowers alive and perky for the big day, if the big day gets moved, they can be carefully packed away ready for when they are needed.

Dried or Baked Flower Bouquets

The current trend is for dried flowers and grasses in both calming neutrals and gorgeous bright colours, colours are either natural when dried or dyed to give them a unique tint.


Etsy is a great place to pick up dried flower bouquets just use search terms like dried flowers and dried flower bouquets to find some stunning arrays of dried blooms.

eBay has a great selection of dried stems both from the UK or China sellers. You can build your own bunches to create your own style or not sure where to start then try ordering a pre-made bouquet. I ordered some ( a mix of Uk & China sellers) and they arrived well packaged in days. I would advise for a small display, choose 3-4 different types of dried flowers in your chosen colour palette and arranging them in your hand, once happy secure with string and trim all your stems to the same lenght with sharp scissors.

Some other great sellers or pre-made bouquets are Homewood & Rose, The Happy Blossoms & Mud Urban Flowers

Benefits of Dried Flowers


The main benefit of dried flowers is they will last much longer than fresh flowers, the general lifespan is 1 year but if you look after them with gentle dusting and keeping them away from direct sunlight you can get much longer out of them.

Other benefits are; they don’t have to sit in water and they come in a whole range of shapes and colours. The fluffy bunny tails are one of my favourites, soft and delicate while adding great shape to a display. With their long shelf life you can also have gorgeous floral displays all year, when your favourite fresh flowers are out of season.


Dried flowers can also be used in craft projects for gifts or home decor, such as these gorgeous dried flower cards.

How to Dry your own flowers


Not all flowers will dry well, those with delicate petals will shrivel and lose their shape but I have popped a list below of flowers that can be dried. When drying flowers, remove any excess foliage and tie your bunches together with string, turn them upside down and hand in a dark, well-ventilated place (a wardrobe or cupboard is perfect) for a few weeks. I have my bunches of flowers skirt hangers so they can easily be hung and moved if needed.

Which Flowers Dry Well?


Poppy seed heads, gypsophila, pampas grass, wheat, oats, thistles, hydrangeas, roses, statice, wild grasses, lavender, cornflower, eucalyptus & flax.

Caring for your Bouquets


These beautiful blooms will last well in your home for a year or longer with the right care. Keep away from moisture and bright sunlight so they don’t fade. Gently wipe every now and they with a feather duster to remove any build up of dust. Keep away from naked flames and pets. They really are very low maintenance and can simply be enjoyed.


If you are looking for dried flower gifts I make these floral quote frames which you can see in my etsy shop.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog post on dried flower arrangements,  I hope your home is full of gorgeous dried blooms soon, you can follow me on @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.


Claire X


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