DIY Enamel Pin Calendar Storage

I’m back! Sorry if you missed me, December and January were busy ones and to be quite honest, I lost my love for blogging a bit. Alas, I’m feeling creative and ready to start making some crafts. We also booked our wedding for 2020, so expect plenty of wedding crafts coming your way!

On to the crafting…I started collecting pins a while back and have slowly out grown my old pin DIY which you can see here. I came up with the idea of a pin calendar a few months back and I don’t think there is anything like it out there. 

The idea for the enamel pin calendar came to me from journaling, I know many people who love to plan and organise their month and thought this might also be popular for people who love pins.

I know a lot of crafters love organising too and if you have a love of pins then this DIY craft is really up your street. This embroidery hoop has 31 pin sections so your can pick and choose your favourite pins and display them on the hoop for the month. At the end of the month you can start again. 

What you will Need

10″ Embroidery Hoop

Canvas Fabric

Fabric Paints & Fine Point Fabric Pen

Cotton Buds/Q Tips

My lovely template

How to Make

To start, cut the fabric slightly larger than the embroidery hoop. Iron the fabric to get all the creases out.

Download my template here, then place my free template under the fabric, a light box will really help you see the design clearly. Just a fine point fabric pen to draw the numbers in the right place.

Still using the template, take your choice of fabric paints and using a cotton bud, dip the end of he bud into the paint and dot the paint onto your canvas, again follow the template for the best placement on your fabric. Leave to dry.

When dry place your fabric into the embroidery hoop, when the fabric is nice and taut use one of your pins to poke a hole through the fabric paint dot. This will create a hole that will not fray when you swop out your pins. I glued a couple of gems to the bottom of he frame for an added touch of sparkle.

If you didn’t want the calendar option for your pins your could always skip the numbers part of the tutorial and add fancier designs like stars instead of plain circles, I made one recently and managed to get space for 42 pins.

This embroidery hoop enamel pin calendar is super easy to make and is a great way to ensure you get the most out of your pin collection, I would love to see them if you create your own, tag @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.


Claire X

Ps If you need this DIY in your live but don’t fancy making one yourself then you can get one here. Most of my pins are from the lovely

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