Handmade Holly Earrings

With just a few days until Christmas, it’s the perfect time to start making some handmade gifts for your friends and family. Pop a festive film on or your favourite Christmas tunes and get making. These stylish holly earrings are perfect little stocking fillers.

What you will need 

Light Green, Dark Green & Red polymer clay

Stud earring blanks

Holly plunge cutter or sharp knife

Strong glue like E600

How to Make 

Cut a piece of the light and dark green polymer clay roughly the full length of the block if using Fimo and about 3mm deep. Hold them in your hand to warm up. Fimo is quite hard and difficult to use until it has been warmed up a little. 

Start rolling your clay into long thin tubes, when you have done this, twist them together, then fold in half and twist again. Keep folding and twisting until you can’t fold it any more.

Roll the twist into a ball before rolling it out to roughly 3mm thick. You will see a lovely marbled pattern from your two green clays. 

Take your plunge cutter and cut your shapes, you should be able to make quite a few earrings from this amount of clay. You can keep re-rolling the clay to get more holly shapes until all the clay is used. If you don’t have a holly plunger you can use a sharp knife to cut the shape, just be extra careful. 

Take a small piece of red polymer clay, warm it up in your hands, then roll small bits to create the berries. Add two berries to each earring, make sure you stick them to the side that will be closest to your ear. 

Place the holly earrings onto grease proof paper and them pop them into a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes. Take them out and leave to fully cool down. 

Once cool, use a strong glue to add the earring backs, I got 100 from Amazon for about £6. I will link above here. Again leave to dry. 

If you are giving them as gifts you can make your own earring cards by cutting a square of card and piercing two holes for the studs to sit in. You can even stamp a festive message on the header. 

There you have a very fun, and easy festive crafts to give to your Family and friends this Christmas. If you make them, don’t forget to tag me on  @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.

Merry Christmas, Love

Claire X


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