DIY Macrame Hanging Christmas Decorations

xmas dec

Yay for my first Christmas craft of 2018. I really love Christmas and especially making cards and decorations. In the current grip of a Macrame obsession I had to create something festive for my tree, I handmade these mini hanging decorations with only a few materials.

Dovecraft just launched some greyboard, if you don’t know what greyboard is, it is a recycled rigid card that can be used as a base for crafts, great for building craft blanks, mounting notebooks, making signs etc it is really useful in a number of crafts.

What you will Need

2mm Cotton Rope

Grey Board

Circle cutting dies 4.5cm and 3.5cm


How to Make

IMG_4050 2

Take your grey board and secure your small circle cutting die inside your large cutting die with Washi tape. Run through your die machine to create a small wreath blank. You can cut these by hand with a sharp knife, just draw around some small circle shapes, just be careful when cutting them out.


Take a length of 2mm cotton rope cut to 180cm, tie a single knot around your grey board wreath then start wrapping the rope around the wreath as tight as you can, leaving no gaps and covering the loose thread.

IMG_4059 2

When you are half way around make a 6cm loop with your twine, thread the rope through the centre of your loop as you continue to cover your shape, this will secure the loop, carry on with your wrapping until finished, then tie off with a knot. Leave the excess rope for now.

IMG_4066 2

Cut two lengths of rope to 18cm, use a lark knot to attach the rope to each side of the loop, from here you will make 8 square knots, the knots will start to twist and this is what you want to happen. If you need more info on the square knot you can find it here. Wrap the two outside ropes around the bottom of the wreath to secure.

IMG_4071 2

Trim 6 lengths of rope to 22cm, split into 2 groups of three and drape 3 to the left hand side of the square knots and the other 3 to the right side. Straighten the ropes and tie off to make a tassel with a another bit of rope. Trim the tassel to roughly 8cm in length.

IMG_4064 2

I made myself a little board to secure the ornament onto, this helps when making the square knots and tassels, just make two cut in the top of some spare grey board and hook your loop over.

IMG_4081 2

And there you have some gorgeous festive macrame ornaments for your Christmas tree, these are easy to make while watching your favourite TV shows on an evening. If you make them, let me know, tag me on  @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.


Claire X

PS If you love these but aren’t ready to give them a go yourself, then you can buy them in my Etsy shop 🙂


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