I Joined Etsy!

A little bit of exciting news for a Sunday night but I have finally made myself an Etsy account. You can see it here 

Angled shot of finished shelf with plant, pinecone and washi tape

I have been crafting for years but only really for family and friends, I have wanted to set up an Etsy account for a while and finally took the plunge.


I often show you crafty tutorials on the blog and I love when people show me the things they make from the I Heart Maggie archive. However I realise not everyone is a crafter or has the time so if you love the things you see on this site, you can now buy a few of the makes.


I’m always happy to customise anything and personalise it to your needs so just get in touch on claire_brudenell @ hotmail.co.uk (Just join the email up, no spaces)

Thanks for reading


Claire  x

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