How to Make a Never Ending Card

I have seen these never-ending cards on social media for ages but always thought they would be really hard to make. Turns out they are super easy to make and really fun to receive.


My friend recently got engaged so I thought this was the perfect time to try it out.

What you will Need

6×6 Papers (200gsm works best)

Double-sided tape


Score board (optional)

How to Make


Choose two sheets of 6×6 paper and cut them both in half. Fold each strip in half, open and then fold each edge into the centre line. I used a scoreboard to get a really good fold line, this just helps once the card is stuck together.


Take two matching paper strips and add double-sided tape to the top and bottom corners as shown. Layer the second paper pattern over the top of the first at a 90 degree angle.


Once the papers are stuck down you will be able to start folding the card, opening it to the different pages, it may a few rotations to get the ease of movement but once you have it the be easy to keep rotating the card.


You can now decorate each page just ensure that no decoration is stuck over the folds of the card as it will only get stuck or damaged as the card turns.


Seriously how easy is it to make this card! I will definitely make more as everyone who sees this card is really impressed.

Don’t forget to tag me if you make this project, use @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.

 Love Claire x

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