What to See and Do in Dallas, Texas

I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Dallas, Texas last week and have to say it’s a great city with a lot of history and some amazing architecture. Below are some photos from my trip.


We started our trip with a spot of lunch at a Cracker Barrel, I had never heard of this chain before but they mainly sell southern food, I found it a little plain but was excited to try cat-fish for the first time, I really enjoyed it. If you go you also have to check out their shop its full of the most amazing candy and pretty homewares, I picked up some cute bird salt and pepper pots for $2.

IMG_7002We were also very lucky to go see a NBA basket ball game featuring the Dallas Mavericks  and the Brooklyn Nets. I love basketball and it was such a good atmosphere the game was really close and ended up 105-96 to the Mavericks.


On the Saturday we walked for miles exploring the city, I wore my customised ‘Can I pet your dog’ t-shirt, you can see how to make it here. Everything in Dallas is very spread out, if you’re walking make sure you have comfy shoes on. We headed to Paciugo ice-cream parlour in up town, my god their ice-cream is amazing I had pistachio and the hazelnut crunchy chocolate swirl that tastes just like Nutella!



Reunion tower in Downtown Dallas and offers some fantastic views of the city, it costs $17 to go up to the Geo-deck and is definitely worth a trip. We spend a lovely Saturday morning taking in the sights and then enjoyed a drink in the revolving cafe. The staff are so lovely and friendly.



Lunch was spent at Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum, voted the second best BBQ place in Texas we couldn’t miss it, there is always a queue so be prepared to wait around an hour, all I can say is it is 100% worth it. I had the 3 piece combo with coleslaw and it was amazing. Fried Chicken isn’t listed on the combo list but is available so just ask. Deep Ellum is also a really cool place with vintage stores and craft beer bars so make sure you check it out.



On Sunday we spent the morning at the infamous book depository the scene where JFK was shot on his visit to Dallas in 1963. Outside you can see the cross in the road where he was shot on Elm street. We visited the museum, be prepared to queue it took us over an hour to get in and cost $16. Inside you follow an audio tour on the life of JFK and that fatal day and you get the see the window where Lee Harvey Oswald took the shot (far right window on the second row down) although it is all sealed off with glass.


Dallas has a mixture of buildings from the beautifully ornate to the mega glass sky scrapers, it’s  a really interesting city to walk round.


I would definitely recommend Dallas as a place to visit, although a weekend is really all you need, there is a lack of shops in the centre (the ones they have are very high-end) and there is a lot of walking to get to the different districts without a car but they are quite short taxi rides.


Other places that deserve a mention is the Press box grill for lunch, expect some big portions, The Hampton Inn hotel where we stayed is a fantastic hotel where you can make yourself waffles for breakfast, Read between the lines is a gorgeous gift shop full of beautiful foil prints and homewares and finally Lockhart smoke house for some yummy BBQ food eaten off paper and located in the cool Dallas arts district, well worth a visit. Thanks for reading, I will leave you with this rather interesting sculpture of a giant eyeball!

Love Claire x

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