Easy No Sew Macrame Headband Tutorial

I love anything macrame from wall hangings to jewellery it is so versatile and looks great too. It is a fab way to relax as you focus on creating the knots, it really helps you forget about the pressures of the day and is a welcomed relief from screen time.

I was playing around with some macrame cord scraps the other day ( never throw out your scraps, you never know when you might need them) and I ended up creating this cool macrame headband. I am also a big fan of headbands, and this one turned out way better than I ever expected.

What You Will Need

  • 5mm Macrame Cord
  • 2mm Cotton String
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape or Washi Tape
  • 25cms of Flat Elastic
  • Glue Gun

How to Make

To start this headband I used two lengths of macrame cord cut to 130cm and two lengths cut to 45cms. Place the shorter length side by side then add the longer lengths either side. Tape the top of the ropes together using masking tape. I find it easier to tape the top of the macrame to my desk to stop it moving.

Start making a half square knot spiral, as if you were making a full square knot but only the left cord knot. I show you in this blog post how to make square knots but here is a great video if you prefer. You want to keep repeating this step, always starting with the left rope, you will see the macrame will start to twist.

Continue the half square knot spiral until you run out of rope, you can see why the outer ropes need to be much longer than inner lengths, they do all the work. When finished, tape off the bottom of the ropes like you did the top.

Cut a piece of elastic to roughly 25cms, use a hot glue gun to attach the elastic to the ends of the macrame, over the masking tape. Just check you are happy with the fit before you move onto the next step.

Now we are going to cover the ugly masking tape ends. Take a 30cm length of 2mm bottom string and holding it just above the top of the masking tape, bring it down just slightly longer than the end of the masking tape, loop it back up to where you started. Start to wrap the string around the masking tape, covering the loop you just made. Continue till the masking tape is covered, now pass the string through the hoop at the bottom, then pull the loose string you left at the top and the hoop at the bottom should pull up and inside the string wrap. Add some discreet hot glue spots to secure the string top and bottom, then trim any loose threads. Repeat on the other size.

Once both sides are completed, your macrame headband is finished, how easy was that! You should now have a gorgeous macrame twist headband. As it is made from macrame cord and elastic, it is so comfy to wear and looks really unique and one of a kind. If you didn’t want to wear it as a headband, I think it would also make a lovely necklace, just swap the elastic out for something a bit fancier like leather cord.

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Claire X

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