Quick Fabric Marker Rainbow Shoelace DIY

The weather has been so drab recently with rain and cold grey skies trying to dampen our moods, this is the perfect time to wear bright colours to lift the spirits. Wear your favourite clothes, don’t save them for best, now is the time to feel cheerful in clothes that make you happy. My latest tutorial is a great way to add a splash of colour into your wardrobe, the vivid colours of these rainbow shoelaces really make me smile. 

What you will Need 

White shoelaces 

Fabric markers 

Alcohol spray – optional

How to Make 

Make sure your shoelaces are clean and protect your work surface, I have used the Dovecraft Messy Mat, my go to mat for any messy crafts – nothing sticks to this mat, even resin! 

Grab a selection of fabric markers, I am using the Nova Fabric markers as they have a broad tip on one end, it really speeds up how easy it is to make this project. Fold your shoelace in half to get the middle point and start colouring. 

I used yellow, light orange, dark orange, pink, purple and blue fabric markers and working from the middle with the yellow, move onto the next sections with the orange. I coloured either side of the yellow section, so when the laces are put back in the shoes they should mirror the colours on each side. 

Colour both sides of the shoelace and work your way up changing colours until you have a bright and colourful design. 

The next part is optional, but I feel it helps blend the colours into each other for more of a tie dye look. Lay your laces out flat and spritz with the alcohol spray, add extra spray to where the colours join. Leave to dry overnight. The next day you can iron the laces to lock the colours in. Once dry they should be washable but check the instructions on the pens you use first. 

I love how bright and colourful these rainbow laces look on plain white trainers, every time I look down they make me smile. You can have fun mixing up colours and creating new looks to suit your style. Also I definitely suggest checking out Youtube, I searched 4 hole shoelace tying and there is a wealth of fun tutorials on tying fancy laces.

See, I said these DIY rainbow shoelaces were quick & easy to make! If you give this tutorial a try, then tag me on @i_heart_maggie on Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on Twitter so I can see your makes.


Claire X

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