Double-Sided Glitter Card – What is it & How to use it


Double-sided glitter card…yes you heard that right, let me say it again! Double-sided glitter card! It’s new and it’s a game changer.

Coming new to Trimcraft this December this new product will revolutionise the way you craft 3D projects.


Let me explain how this amazing product came about. In my role at Trimcraft we have weekly NPD meeting (New Product Development) and in this we put forward our suggestions for new items we want to launch. We suggest loads of new products and some rarely make it to production. I love the opportunity to bring new products to the market and see our ranges on the shelves in national retailers. I love crafting with glitter card (who doesn’t) but when crafting toppers and 3D projects you are always left with an ugly white side, you have to painstakingly flip, re-cut and back to your project. Now who has time for that!

So double-sided glitter card was born, it’s the perfect craft supply, it’s non-shed glitter and it cuts beautifully by hand, die-cut or on electronic cutting machines. It’s 350gsm so durable for 3D projects but also light enough for toppers and hanging projects.

Benefits of Double-sided Glitter card


Firstly and most importantly, it’s double-sided!! What more could you need, no more ugly backs on your project, just pure sparkle.

It cuts down on the product needed, with standard glitter card you have to flip and back your projects for all-round sparkle, this product saves your sanity and the amount of product & adhesive needed.

Non-shed – this is super important to crafters, no-one wants a desk or finished projects covered in loose glitter. Unlike some non-shed glitter it is still super sparkly and has a lovely texture to it.


At 350gsm the card is strong enough to support itself but also still really flexible to bend and shape into 3D projects.

Clean edge cut, whether you cut by hand or use an electronic cutting machine like the Cricut Maker, you will get a professional finish on your handmade projects.


Works on electronic cutting machines – this is a winner for me as I love my Cricut Maker, there are so many projects in design space that will suit this material.

Endless uses, think party supplies, decorations, home décor, banners, card making, gift boxes and even jewellery – I am excited to see how people use this product.

Cutting Double-Sided Glitter card on the Cricut Maker


Double-sided glitter card cuts beautifully on the Cricut Maker and other electronic cutting machines (although I have only used the Maker), it comes in both 12”x12” and A4 sheets so you can make quite large projects. I use the strong grip mat and I also use washi tape to tape the edges of the mat down. As the glitter card is laminated both sides, it needs a bit of help to ensure it doesn’t move during cutting.


 I use the glitter card setting and increase the pressure to ‘more’ just to ensure the blade cuts all the way through in one pass.

What Adhesive to Use


There are 3 glues that I use on the double-sided glitter card. For an instant bond, ideal when building 3D structures, I use my glue gun. Dovecraft Ultimate glue in clear is also super strong and great for sticking flat surfaces together. Finally Dovecraft perma-fix tape is really strong and perfect for an instant fix, I love the new 24mm thickness in this tape. All these adhesives are available online or from The Range (who will also stock the glitter card in the new year)

Project Ideas


We have had so much fun making projects for this range from party supplies, wall art, decorations, cards and accessories, scattered through this article are a few of my favourite makes using the card. I already have a number of projects in mind.

Want to see the double-sided glitter card in action, watch the Trimcraft video here:

Ann Melvin of Positively Papercraft has made this fab Christmas star video

I also have to mention along with double-sided glitter card Trimcraft are also releasing adhesive glitter, another great product, also non-shed this pre-adhesive backed card is perfect for making quick projects, just cut and stick.


It is also really flexible and can be wrapped around glass, baubles and most other non-porous surfaces.

Both these products can be purchased from Craft Stash or Amazon.

What would you use the double-sided glitter card to make? Let me know below. Thanks for taking the time to read my latest blog post. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them below. If you fancy following me on social media, tag me on @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.


Claire X

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