Abstract Wall Art using Nova Fabric Markers

Over the last few months Trimcraft, the company I work for, has added a whole heap of new craft products to their portfolio. These include vinyl, watercolour markers, alcohol markers, acrylic paint and fabric markers.


This has been really exciting for me, as much as I love papercraft, these new products have opened up so many new crafting opportunities. We often get to play with the new products first and I have really enjoyed getting back to my artistic roots. I did an A-level in art and also graphic design but it had been a long time since I used these skills.


Fabric markers are a really under rated art medium but they are really versatile and can be used for fashion and home decor. Here I show you how to make a cute piece of abstract wall art using the Nova Fabric markers.

What You will Need

Nova Fabric Markers

Cream Canvas Material

8″ Wooden Embroidery Hoop

Sequins, Needle & Thread

Black Glitter Iron On

Simply Creative Clear 6mm Gems

How to Make

Lay your embroidery hoop on top of your canvas material and cut around leaving a 2 inch border. I like to iron my material at this point to make it wrinkle free. Pop the canvas into the embroidery hoop and pull tight.


Take your Nova Fabric Markers and start colouring abstract shapes. The pens have two ends, one chunky nib  for covering a bigger area or filling shapes and one fine tip for adding detail. Try shapes like rectangles, triangles, blobs and zig zags. This pack is full of some beautiful and bright colours so I went for the brightest in the pack.


Once you have finished your shapes add more detail with small dashes, spots, lines and crosses in darker colours.


Create your sentiment, I used my Cricut Maker to cut the words Be Kind in black iron-on glitter but you could freehand a sentiment or stamp one. If using iron-on remove your canvas from the hoop and iron-on the sentiment following the manufacturers instructions. Pop the canvas back into the frame.

TIP: If creating a gift for someone you could use their favourite quote, motivation words  or a few words that  remind you of how great they are.


Fabric markers dry really fast, test yours by pressing a finger into the ink and seeing if it transfers. Once dry, take some bright sequins in different sizes, with one continuous length of thread add the sequins to the gaps in your design.


For an added bit of sparkle add some small clear gems randomly around the hoop.


Once you are happy with your design, ensure your fabric is a taut as possible before trimming off the excess material at the back of the embroidery hoop.


How easy and fun is this home decor craft, perfect for fabric marker beginners. Some other ideas for fabric markers are: design your own tote bags, decorate old t-shirts with colour, add fun designs to canvas trainers & why not try doodling on cushion covers.

For wearable items, you can iron over your design once finished to fix the ink, obviously do this before adding extra bits like sequins. Items using the fabric markers are washable, just follow the instructions on the pack.


As always, thanks for checking out my abstract wall art tutorial using Nova Fabric Markers, as always if you decide to make this project, please tag me on @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.


Claire X

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