Easy 4th July USA Flag Pom-Pom Tutorial

Trimcraft have recently launched a new range of rainbow 8ply DK yarn called Spiin. Since then I have been obsessively making pom-poms of all shapes and sizes. Corazon pom pom and I made this super cool fruit pom-pom basket, you can see this on the Trimcraft social media soon!


When I started playing around with this American flag pom pom tutorial, it took me quite a few attempts to get the right design, but I feel I got the right balance of colour and design in the end, and now I can share the tutorial with you.

What you need

Pom pom maker

Red, white and blue yarn

Sharp scissors

How to Make


If you have never used a pom-pom maker before, they are super easy. Mine is by We R Memory Keepers and it is really easy to use. It has double arms either side that you wrap with yarn to create beautiful pom-poms.IMG_0041Take your white yarn and start wrapping around the outside of one of the arms , use your finger to ensure the yarn doesn’t spread too far. Make sure you wrap the yarn until nice and full, the more yarn you use, the fluffier your pom-pom will be. Cut the yarn to move onto the next colour.

IMG_0043Continue with the red yarn to make your next stripe and then the white yarn again, close the arm to keep the yarn tight. Move onto the next arm starting on the inside, add a red stripe and a white stripe. IMG_0045

For the stars take the blue and white yarn and start wrapping around your last empty space until nice and full, again cut the yarn then close the arm of the pom-pom maker. IMG_0046Your pom-pom should be looking something like this. IMG_0050

Holding the arms of your pom-pom maker closed, cut down the middle of the yarn. Keep a tight hold of the pom-pom maker or there will be bits of yarn everywhere. IMG_0053Take a length of red yarn and wrap it through the middle of the pom-pom maker and tightly tie with a double knot. Once tied, pull the two sides of your pom-pom maker apart to release your fluffy pom-pom. IMG_0054Now it is time to trim your pom-pom to a nice even shape and get rid of all the uneven lengths.


And there you have an American flag inspired pom-pom, this would be perfect for the 4th July celebrations as a garland or as cute decorations.

IMG_0036Thanks for taking the time to check out my American flag pom-pom tutorial, let me know if you try making your own and how your use them, tag me on @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.


Claire X




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