How to Dry Rose Petals in 1 Minute

Hmmmmm interesting title I hear you say, and yes it is! If you are planning a wedding or just looking to preserve some petals from your flowers then this is a super easy method. I am sure this method has been around for ages, but it’s new to me, so I thought it might be new you you also.


What you Need


Kitchen Roll


How to Make


This is a really simple tutorial and would be perfect if you wanted to make your own confetti for your wedding, you could have beautiful roses in your home in the run up to the wedding and when the roses are starting to wane, turn them into confetti.


Take your rose and make sure they are dry, holding the head in your hand, twist until all the petals are removed from the stem. Discard the stems.


Sort through the petals and keep the best, the inner ones might be too small once dried. Take a sheet of kitchen roll, lay it flat and lay out the rose petals onto the kitchen roll. Try not to layer them, you might have to dry them in batches, it is surprising how many petals you get on some roses.


Transfer the kitchen roll onto the glass plate in the microwave. You might have to trim your towel if it is bigger than the plate so it doesn’t get stuck, when turning.

Pop your microwave on high for 60 seconds, I like to check the petals after 30 seconds but they need the full 60 seconds.


Ta Da! When you open the microwave door you will notice a beautiful rose scent and that your rose petals are completely dried into beautiful homemade confetti.


Gather your petals and keep them stored away from direct sunlight in an air tight container.


Keep drying your flowers every time you have some roses and you will surely build a strong collection of homemade DIY confetti. You can use petals from the garden, just make sure they are dry first. PS how pretty is my David Austin Claire rose!


You can buy some cheap seed packets to pop your confetti in or you can make some simple paper cones with rolls of 6”x6” paper. Get a crate or basket and store your cones ready for your wedding guests, just like my friends did at their wedding last year.


This can also be a lovely way to preserve your wedding bouquet flowers, here is an order  I recently did on Etsy. I simply hung the flowers in the wardrobe for a few weeks and dried the loose petals in the microwave.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you try making your own confetti, tag me on @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.


Claire X



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