How to Make an Impossible Card – Original Tutorial

Ever looking for my next card tutorial, I stumbled upon this paper trick idea in a youtube video and immediately saw the potential to turn this into a fun greeting card. The design of this card shape will have your recipients wondering how it was made from one piece of card.

What is an impossible card?

The impossible card was developed from an old card trick in which you make 2 cuts into one side of the card and another cut on the opposite side, then twist the card to create an easel effect card blank. The optical illusion will make people wonder how it can be made from a single piece of card when it has two gaps in it. The impossible card can be decorated in a number of different ways.


What you will Need 

5”x7” Kraft Card

First Edition Let’s Celebrate


Scissor, Pencil & Ruler

How to Make 


Take a 5”x7” card  blank and cut in half, save the cut off for another card. On the longest side of your card mark the middle and draw a pencil line up to the middle. On the opposite long edge make a mark 4.5cm in on either side and again draw a line up to the middle. Cut the lines with scissors.


Now its time for the magic, twist the card from the centre point until you have a shape like the one pictured.


You can now use your favourite papers to decorate your card blank. I used the beautiful new First Edition Let’s celebrate papers from Trimcraft to decorate my card, this paper pad is so pretty with pandas, flamingos and a whole range of gorgeous designs.


I used the base as a template and drew around it to get the paper shape, I then trimmed a few mm off each edge to make it fit.


Mat and layer some papers to cover the pop up section of the card and decorate to suit your occasion.


This card will lie flat for postage and can be customised for a whole number of different occasions. Your friends and family will marvel at how it was made from one piece of card!


I made a video on how to make this card for the Trimcraft You Tube channel you can watch it here! 


If you make your own impossible card, let me know, I always like to see your crafty projects, tag @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.

Update: It has been amazing how much this impossible card tutorial took off after we made the video for the Trimcraft YouTube channel. There has been so many cool versions of the card shape made, i’m so glad it inspired so many people. If you are looking for an impossible card with a twist you can also make the invisible impossible card using acetate.


I recently had a three page feature in Cardmaking Inspirations where I created two different versions of the impossible card using the Dovecraft Sweet Moments collection. I created an impossible card for beginners and one that was slightly more advanced.


Claire X

2 thoughts on “How to Make an Impossible Card – Original Tutorial

  1. Julie says:

    Oh I am SO going to ty this asap. Our middle son has a birthday on Thursday and I had no clue what card I could make him, he’ll love trying to work out how this is done! Thanks.


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