Felt embroidery hoop

How-to Make a Felt Flower Embroidery Hoop

It’s hard not to notice the all the beautiful felt floral frames around at the moment, they are pretty easy to make and will look amazing in your home this spring.



The crafty Hannah of Craft Couture has been posting lots of fab floral frames inspired by her new book Flowerbomb. After seeing hers I knew I had to try this craft.

What you will Need

Dovecraft Felt

Embroidery Hoop

Hot glue gun and fabric scissors

V&A Pearl Brads (optional)

How to Make


Create your flowers, below I have put how to make several different flower shapes, there is no right or wrong so it is up to you how many of each you make.


You can create a hoop full of flowers or keep it simply with just a few. Make sure you layer your felt colours together before you start so you can check the colour balance. I glued a piece of felt over the bottom of the embroidery hoop to use as a base for gluing my flowers down.



Cut some petal shapes, roll the first petal into a tight cylinder and add some hot glue to set. Start wrapping the other petals around the first petal, gluing as you go. Build up the flower overlapping the petals until you are happy. Use your fabric scissors to trim the bottom off your roses to make them less bulky and easier to glue down.

Fringed Flowers


Cut a strip of felt roughly 15cm by 3cm and fold it in half on the shortest edge. Snip half way through the felt on the fold all the way along. Roll the felt into a spiral and set with hot glue on the end. Vary the length and width of your felt for different sized flowers.

Floral Bloom


Take a square of felt and fold in half and half again. Cut a quarter circle on the outer edge, when you open it you will have a rough flower shape. Trim the flower to look more realistic. Make 3 per flower and glue them together. You can start with bigger squares of felt to create different sized flowers. Add a pearl brad to the centre for extra detail.

3D Flower


Cut 5 circles roughly 4cms in diameter. Add a blob of hot glue to the centre of your circle and fold in half, add another dot of glue to the middle and fold in half again, Glue your 5 pieces of felt together into a flower shape.



You can cut out some generic leave shapes but it can also look nice to glue some smaller leaves onto a length of green floral wire to add height and structure to your frame.


Every time I see a floral frame I can’t help oooo and ahhhh. Check out the hashtag #feltflowers on instagram and you will see what I mean. I warn you now how addictive they are to make. Below is another version I made, straight after the first one!


If you make your own floral felt craft, let me know, I always like to see your handmade projects, tag @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.


Claire X

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