Hand Stamped Bee Scarf Tutorial

I love anything Bee related, so when Dovecraft Bee Happy was launched it was right up my street. As soon as I saw the Bee stamp I knew I wanted to make a printed scarf.


What you will Need 

A plain scarf


Black fabric ink and acrylic stamp block

Dovecraft Bee Happy clear stamp

How to Make


Iron your scarf before you start stamping to ensure it is free from any wrinkles that could cause misprints when stamping.


Make sure you cover your table surface as the ink may go through. I placed a magazine under my scarf to give a better surface to stamp on.


Place your stamp of the clear block and ink the stamp by carefully tapping the ink pad to the stamp. If you tap the stamp to the ink pad you can overload the stamp with too much ink and this may cause blurry images,

Start stamping your bees randomly over the scarf, move the angle of the bees around to add interest in the design.


It took me about an hour to stamp the bees over the scarf, I would advise doing it in stages as your arms will get tired and this may cause you to misprint the bee image, you don’t want smudges.


I draped the material over the table and moved the scarf on as I stamped to ensure the surface was always flat. Once completely stamped, leave to dry and then seal the ink by ironing it again. This step may change depending on what ink you used.


This printed scarf is totally unique and is a cool way to use your clear stamps. It would make a great gift for your friends and family.

If you make this printed scarf DIY let me know, I would love to see, just tag @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.


Claire X

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