DIY Tassel Earrings

I went shopping a few weeks back and kept seeing funky tassel earrings everywhere. Tassels definitely seem to be on trend at the moment, so I thought I would try my hand at making some.


What you will Need 

Embroidery Thread

2 Cocktail Sticks

Earring Fish Hooks


How to Make


Take two cocktail sticks and cut the pointy ends off using scissors. I found the next bit easiest if I held the cocktail sticks between my legs but with the sticks approximately 6cms apart, start wrapping the thread around until you are happy with the thickness of the tassel.



Take an extra piece of thread and tie a knot at the top one of the tassels, trim the end off.




Remove the bottom cocktail stick and cut through the thread, you can put apart the threads to make the top know more secure at this point. Trim the bottom of the tassel so it is straight. Repeat the same steps to make the second tassel.



Attach the tassels onto fish hook earring fixtures and check they are the same length, trim the longest if not and your earrings are ready to wear. Remove the cocktail stick from the top knot.


Have fun creating different lengths and colours to match your outfits, with so many pretty thread colours, you will be spoilt for choice.


If you make them, let me know by tagging @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on Twitter.

Love Claire x

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