BBQ Chicken & Chorizo Skewer Recipe


BBQ season is upon us & we had our first mini BBQ of the year last week, for the occasion I made these Chicken and Chorizo skewers by throwing together some ingredients from the fridge & regulars from the store cupboard.

What you will Need

4 Large chicken breasts

200g Chorizo sliced 1cm thick

Red pepper

Large red onion

2 Crushed garlic cloves

Tablespoon of Olive oil

3tsps Dried oregano

3tsps Dried thyme

2tsps Smoked paprika

1/2tsps Cayenne pepper

1tbsp of Honey

Salt and Pepper

8 Wooden skewers

How to Make 

Chop your chicken into chunks, you will need about 5 pieces of chicken for each skewer. Pop the chicken into a bowl.


Add the crushed garlic, herbs, paprika, cayenne, salt, pepper, honey and olive oil into the bowl and mix well. Cover with cling film and leave for 2 hours or ideally over night.


Soak your skewers in cold water for 20 minutes so they don’t burn when cooked. Chop up your pepper and red onion into pieces roughly 3cm square. Start by threading a slice of Chorizo onto the skewer followed by a piece of pepper, then chicken and red onion. You want about 4 chorizo pieces and 5 chicken cubes per skewer.


I cooked my chicken in the oven for 10 minutes before transferring to the bbq, I prefer this just to be on the safe side, but they can just be cooked straight on the bbq just make sure they are cooked all the way through.


I served these with some roasted jersey potatoes and a healthy mixed salad. They were delicious and my guests agreed too. These will definitely be making an appearance at any future BBQ’s.

Don’t forget to tag me if you make these yummy bbq skewers, use @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.

 Love Claire x

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