Quick Up-cycled Sequin Jeans

I have been browsing Pinterest for some easy fashion DIY’s and love all the up-cycled jean tutorials so thought I would give it a try for the festive season. Here is a quick up-cycling project for a bit of sparkle this Christmas.

What you will Need

A Pair of Jeans


Needle & Thread


How to Make


Iron your jeans so there are no creases and you have a flat surface to sew your sequins on.

Lay out where you want to place your sequins, it’s easier if you sketch the shape of your jean pocket and place the sequins on the paper for placement.


Sew your sequins onto your jeans, using 2 stitches to make sure it is secure.

Carry on until you are happy with your design. These jeans would be best washed on a hand wash setting so you don’t fade the metallic finish on the sequins.


These jeans will look fab with a plain top over the Christmas period, if you make it I would love to see, so don’t forget to share it with me, you can tag @i_heart_maggie on Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.

Love Claire x

2 thoughts on “Quick Up-cycled Sequin Jeans

  1. Johanne Palange says:

    I would use a small bead, like glittery, or iridescent color, whatever, to anchor the sequin. The visible stitching bothers me. I would position the sequin, push the needle through the hole in the middle, then thread it through a small bead, and back through the hole. And voilà. Extra glam, no visible thread. But I do like your idea of sprucing up jeans, making them personal and prettier.


    • I Heart Maggie says:

      Yes, I agree now, I did make these a while ago but it could be the perfect lockdown project with so much time to sew on beads etc 🙂


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