Easy Headband DIY Tutorial

I hate it when things break especially if it’s one of my favourite necklaces, but fear not it doesn’t mean the end of your favourite accessory, with a little bit of up-cycling you can create a fab headband.

What you will Need

Old Necklace

Thin Hair Tie

Needle and Thread


Tweezers or pliers

How to Make

  1. This DIY works best on necklaces that have broken at the clasp. Remove the old clasp(s) from your necklace  use pliers to open the rings.


2.Take a thin hair tie and make a clean cut to open it up, try not to fray the ends of the hair bobble.


3.Thread the hair tie through both ends of your necklace then use the needle and thread to sew the ends back together, give it a little tug to ensure the join is strong enough.


And as simple as that you have a unique hair accessory. The elastic from the hair tie makes it super comfy to wear. I love wearing this headband on a night out as the jewellery detail adds an extra glam feel.


Here I am wearing my new headband! I would love to see your DIY headband makes, tag @i_heart_maggie on Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.

 Love Claire x

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