DIY Washi Tape Noticeboard Frame

Time to get crafting again! I have been using the Dovecraft washi tape on a number of projects but when I had a spare frame, I decided to upcycle it into something useful, queue washi tape!


 This noticeboard is a lifesaver for the absent minded…who doesn’t forget the odd thing now and again! Hopefully this will be a thing of the past with my handy notice board.

 What You Will Need

 A4 frame

First Edition 12×12 Love Story Paper Pad

Dovecraft Washi Tape

Dovecraft A4 Vellum

 Let’s Get Crafting


1.       Measure a sheet of paper to the size of your frame and cut out, I have used the gorgeous wood print from the First Edition papers to really show off the washi tape designs.


2.       Plan where you want your headers to be, I have a few larger sections and a few shorter areas. Use stripes of washi tape for the headers, cut the ends to decorative points to add interest.


3.       I have also used a sheet of vellum to cover a larger area with washi tape, it’s easier to cover the vellum then cut a square rather than trying to match the pattern up on the paper. Once cut you won’t see the vellum, just the gorgeous washi designs. Cut it out and stick it down to your frame.


4.       Put your design back in the frame, then use a wipeable marker to add your important lists and notes. When it’s done just wipe it off and begin again.


These would make great gifts for your friends, when you’re bored and fancy a change just update the papers and washi tape for a whole new look.

 I would love to see your crafty makes, tag @i_heart_maggie on Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.

 Love Claire x

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