BzzAgent Review: Garnier Moisture Bomb

If you are unfamiliar with the term BzzAgent then let me tell you a little bit about it now. I have been a BzzAgent for nearly a year now. It’s a easy concept, you tell them about your likes and interests, then they send you free stuff to review. In return you tell them and the world what you think of the products.

You will be asked to review a whole number of products from food to cosmetics, the more you tell them about your life the better they can tailor campaigns that suit you. So far I have reviewed whitening toothpaste, crisps and deodorant.

It’s a great opportunity to try new products for free and give feedback to the brands on whats good about their products and what they need to work on. Plus it’s always nice to get freebies!


This time I have been given Garner Moisture Bomb Day & Night to review. As a brand I like Garnier, I already use their Micellar cleansing water to remove my makeup each night so i’m hoping they complement each other. I currently use Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream at £15.00 for 50ml, I am a huge fan of this product and it lasts ages, so the moisture bomb has its work cut out to compete, one bonus is it costs around half the price.

So here goes lets review.

Day 1: after cleansing I used the night cream a ‘super recharging antioxidant gel-cream’ which is said to hydrate up to 10 layers of skin. The moisturiser comes in a screw top container, i’m not a big fan of these as I feel dirt and germs can easily get in when you are opening and closing it every night but other than that it’s a cute little pot.

Day 2: I use the day cream after cleansing in the morning, it soaks in easily and when I put my foundation over the top it gives my skin a lovely glow. I really like the pump container the moisturiser comes in its easy to pump just as much as you need.


Day 7: My skin is feeling super smooth and feels well moisturised it can get quite dry but with both products its soft and my skin isn’t tight. I’m not sure I like the texture of the night cream, it’s so light it feels like putting water on your face, but it is effective and soaks in before I go to sleep.

Day 14: I had to stop using the night moisturiser for a few days as I went on a hand luggage only holiday and the tub was an awkward size to fit in my clear bag. I do like these moisturisers and my skin is looking radiant and feels hydrated.

Day 30: I am really enjoying using this moisturiser duo, and my skin is feeling the benefits too. I like the day cream more than the night cream as it feels more substantial as a moisturiser and as i said before i’m not keen on the open pot. I have noticed the lines on my forehead do seem to have filled out a bit which is a huge positive but this could be because i now moisturise twice a day instead of once.


I think this moisturiser set is good value, after 30 days I have only used a small amount of product. The only downside is the open pot on the night moisturiser, I wish this was pump action too. I will definitely keep using this product.

I hope you liked my review, if you are interested in becoming a Bzzagent click here.

Love Claire x





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