Easy DIY Daisy Jean Upcycle Tutorial

I was browsing Instagram the other day when I came across a pair of printed daisy mom jeans, I loved them, and wondered if I could make my own. One trip to eBay later and at a cost of £4.50 ($6.33) and I was part way there to making my own.

This year I am trying not to buy new clothes, preferring to shop second hand and actually wear the clothes in my wardrobe. Upcycling pieces you already have is great way to breathe new life into the clothes you are bored of. You don’t need many supplies to make these Daisy jeans and they can easily be made in around 30 minutes.

What you will Need

  • 50 Guipure Lace Daisy Motifs
  • Fabric Glue
  • A Pair of Jeans

How pretty are these embroidered daisies, I picked them up from eBay and they range from 10-25mm, they come in a mixture of shapes and designs. The first thing I did was split them into two identical piles, one for each leg.

Iron your jeans to remove any creases then lay them flat. Lay out your daisy design, I matched and mirrored each leg so they had a similar design but you can place them where you like. If you don’t want daisies all down the leg you could just focus around the pockets.

Take a strong fabric glue, I used Dot & Dab Fabric Glue Pen, add a blob of glue to the back of your daisy also adding glue to any loose petals. Try not to use too much glue as you don’t want it spilling out from under the flower. Leave to dry flat, checking your glue instructions for the amount of time. You could sew on your daisies if you have the time and patience, which I did not.

I didn’t use all my daisies so I added a few extra daisies to the back pocket for a bit of extra detail, use a mix of sizes and pop them in the outer corner.

When you wash your jeans turn them inside out and wash on a cool setting, do not tumble dry as this could affect the glue. Iron on the back so you don’t knock the daisies.

I love these DIY daisy jeans so much, they are fun and quirky, adding a unique touch to my wardrobe. Would you wear these daisy jeans?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Easy DIY Daisy Jean Upcycle Tutorial. Easy DIY Daisy Jean Upcycle Tutorial. You can follow me @i_heart_maggie on Instagram or Tik Tok and you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can see what I have been making, and don’t forget to check out my other blog posts. 


Claire X

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