Cricut Dog Mom Floral Tote Bag DIY

It’s Mother’s day in the UK this weekend (14th March) but I know my USA readers still have a few weeks to prep and make their handmade gifts for their Moms’. Being a dog mom myself this bag is perfect for so many people I know, the floral design helps it have a lovely unique and playful touch.

What You Will Need

  • Cotton Tote Bag
  • Cricut Maker
  • Iron-on Material
  • Heat Press or Iron
  • Heat mat or Ironing Board

How to Make

First off we need to make the design in Cricut Design space, I found two flower templates and this cute paw print in a circle, then I spliced the two together to leave the silhouette of the paw print inside the flower. I then duplicated the design so I had 4 of each flower, popping them in each corner. I mixed up the sizing of the flowers to add a bit of interest.

Add the sentiment in the middle, either Dog Mom or Dog Mum depending on your choice, I choose this retro feel font. I wrote the wording out separately so I could align the bottom text under the top, I then welded the wording together. I used the cream rectangle to act as the tote bag so I could arrange the placement, I had it at half scale for the build then re-sized before sending to cut.

I picked out pink and green iron-on materials as I wanted something bold with a retro feel and a bit of gold glitter sparkle for the quote. Remember when cutting the quote, to mirror the cut so it is the right way when fixed.

Pre-heat your heat press or iron, then get the creases out of your tote bag, once ready lay down your elements and press them on one-by-one following the instructions for your chosen material.

Here is where I ran into a problem, not sure if it was an issue with the green iron-on or I should have removed the plastic cover sooner, but as you can see, it left these matte and shiny marks on the material. I thought at first it was ruined, but then had the idea to cover the iron on with glitter glue and I think it looked great.

TIP: If this happens to your iron-on you can remove it from the material, use an iron or heat press and heat the material from the back, once hot you can use tweezers to remove the iron-on. Remember not to touch it as it will be very hot, but it should just peel right off.

To add a little extra sparkle, I also added these cute star gems to fill the gaps, I took the adhesive off the bag and used a little jewel glue to stick them on.

This cute tote bag is perfect for keeping in your handbag or car for shopping trips and makes a lovely handmade gift for your friends and family with pet doggos.

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Claire X

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