DIY Up-cycled Makeup Brushes

Makeup tutorials are becoming more and more popular on social media and while everyone spends time making their faces pretty, why not spend some time making your brushes pretty too.


These up-cycled makeup brushes will look stylish sitting on your dressing table, see below how they are made.

What you will need 

First Edition Deco Mache Paper

First Edition Deco Mache Glue

Paint brush

White Paint

How to Make 


If you haven’t heard of Deco Mache paper before these thin 22gsm sheets are great for covering non-porous surfaces like wood, glass and plastic. It comes in a range of beautiful designs so there really is a pattern for every taste.


1. If your surface is quite dark it’s best to paint a coat of white paint first, this will really help the design stand out. I used a coat of DecoArt enchanted on the brush handles and left it to dry.

2. Tear your chosen paper into small squares and then paint a layer of the Deco Mache glue onto the makeup brush handle, glue down your first piece of paper then continue to layer the paper, slighty overlapping each piece, to cover the handle fully.


3.Finish with a final coat of glue as this will also act as a varnish to protect the paper, then leave to dry. I let mine dry hanging over the edge of my craft desk so the handle doesn’t stick to any surface, secure to the table with a bit of washi tape.


Once you get going with decoupage you will find no end of items to up-cycle, I have covered diaries, the backs of cupboards and furniture. It’s addictive!

I would love to see your decoupage projects, tag @i_heart_maggie on Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.

 Love Claire x

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