Upcycled Yankee Candle Pencil Pot

I am always looking for items that can be up-cycled and reused. Turning something plain and boring into something new and usable is always fun.


I first made this pencil pot for a video for Trimcraft but thought you would love to see how it was made, so I have recreated it.

You will Need 

Used Yankee Candle Jar

Dovecraft Pearl Effects

Let’s get Making 

Up-cycling jars is a huge trend at the moment and a finished Yankee Candle makes a lovely feature for your home. I have tried several ways of cleaning out the leftover wax from the jar, including pouring hot water into the jar and tipping out the melted wax down the sink!!! DON’T EVER DO THIS, learn from my mistake!


I read a tip online that you can put the jar in the freezer to contract the wax, making it easy to remove, I have had some success with this but my favourite way has to be standing the jar in warm water (not boiling your glass will break) and waiting till the wax is soft, use a knife to lift out the wax.

Next you have to remove the label, not a easy job, the best way I have found is to peel off the sticker, then cover the remaining sticky adhesive with washing up liquid, take a Stanley knife blade and vey carefully scrape the adhesive off the jar.


Once you have a nice clean jar you can start decorating it with Dovecraft Pearl Effects, using one colour at a time start drawing lines up the jar, start from the middle and work up the the top of the jar. Space your lines around 1 to 2 cm’s apart. Change the lengths of the lines to add interest.


Work around the jar using different colours, once you have covered as much as you can, leave it to dry. Once dry you can go around the jar again layering colour on top of the previous lines then leave it to dry again.


I love how simple this tutorial is, change up the colours to suit your decor and create new designs like flowers, chevrons and polka dots.

As I said at the start I recently made a video about the Dovecraft Pearl Effects, you can watch it here, enjoy!

I would love to see your crafty makes, tag @i_heart_maggie on Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.

Love Claire x

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