DIY Watercolour & Gold Foil Print


I am a little obsessed with watercolour at the moment, I have seen it trending in my favourite home decor magazines such as Ideal home and Your Home. I’m no artist but have often dabbled in the past with different paint mediums and wanted to see if I could create something worthy to be displayed in my home.


I purchased a cheap set of watercolour paints from Reeves and some 5×7 watercolour card from eBay and set about to create some nice prints.

What you will Need 

Watercolour Paints

Watercolour Card

First Edition Gold Foil & Glue


Let’s Get Crafting

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to watercolour (well that what I told myself) I started off deciding I was going to paint a rainbow print, nice and simple.


Starting with yellow I painted a stripe of paint before blending it into orange. Keeping the paint wet continue down the paper with pink, purple, blue & green. Leave to dry.


I’m not sure if you have heard of the First Edition Foil range but it makes adding metallic finishes to your crafts so easy. The glue is one of my favourite products. You can write or doodle with the adhesive, once dry it remains tacky ready to foil. Watch the You Tube video here


Carefully write your quote, I decided on ‘You are my sunshine’ leave it to dry when dry take a sheet of gold foil and lay it none foil side down over your quote.


Gently rub over the letters to transfer the foil. If the foil misses any of the glue just repeat the process with the gold foil.


And there you have your finished foil quote print, you can experiment with different watercolour patterns, here is one I did as a birthday gift for my cousin. Just turning 18 and getting ready to head to university I thought it would make a unique gift.


I would love to see your crafty makes, tag @i_heart_maggie on Instagram or @IHeart_Maggie on twitter.

Love Claire x



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