My 2017 Clothes Challenge

Over Christmas I spent some time organising and de-cluttering my wardrobe and it dawned on me how many clothes I actually have. It’s an inside joke how many dresses I own.


So for 2017 I have decided not to spend any money on new clothes and it’s going to be very tough.


Luckily I had some vouchers for Christmas so I will still be able to pick up the odd treat but I am going to try very hard not to buy clothes just for the sake of it.


One huge benefit from this will be my bank balance and I’m also hoping it makes me a little more creative. In a few months I might be busting out the sewing machine to alter some outfits.


So wish me look and let’s see how we get on!


Claire x

Update Jan 2018 – Well I did it, a whole 12 months of not spending my own money on clothes. Using my vouchers, I did have a few new pieces for Christmas & birthday presents. I can honestly say that I spent nothing on clothes in 2017. I am not going to keep it up for 2018 but I can happily say, it really did make me use the clothes I had and after the first few months, I found I was less bothered about new clothes and shopping in general. I think going forward I will be more selective about what clothes I do buy and will pick pieces I think I can get a lot of wear out of rather than waste money on trends. 🙂


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